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OOO Calc: Autofilter hiding rows after removal

Submitted by Druss on Mon, 2010-03-01 11:14

Off late, I have had to use's Calc quite regularly. While it generally works quite well, it has a lot of wonky little bugs that can be quite frustrating. One of these has to do with the autofilter.

When using the autofilter, you will, on occasion find that once you are done using it and try to remove it, a number of rows, usually empty, will be missing post-removal. The following are steps/tools that might help you recover these rows:

  • A sure-fire method is to highlight the entire spreadsheet and then visit Format, Rows, Show.
  • Enable the "Tools" toolbar via View, Toolbars, Tools. Highlight the entire spreadsheet and click on the filter button (funnel icon) in the toolbar. This only seems to work some of the time.

Hope this helps somebody.