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Realtek audio: Microphone issues

Submitted by Druss on Mon, 2007-12-31 23:41

I had an issue earlier today where my microphone was not being detected on my semi-new Windows box. The system uses a Gigabyte motherboard with onboard Realtek audio. All drivers from the driver CD had been installed. But my microphone and front panel input options in the Windows Volume Control were all greyed out.

I am not sure what the exact solution was, but I did all the following things:

  • Visit driverguide and subsequently, the Realtek website if necessary to update your drivers.
  • Under Volume control Control, click on Options -> Properties and select all the unchecked controls, especially related to your front panel audio.
  • If you have a Realtek HD audio manager icon in your system tray, double click it to bring up the UI. Select the Audio I/O tab at the top.
  • Click on the Analog preferences icon (a little spanner) in the back panel section. In the resulting pop-up, check "Disable front panel jack detection" and click OK.
  • Make sure all the front panel audio output and input options are enabled and set to high and then test your microphone. Mine worked :P