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Reliable source of subtitles

Submitted by Druss on Mon, 2007-04-02 02:02

Due to the fact that I am learning Spanish in earnest, I am quite frequently on the look out for Spanish subtitles for the movies I watch. However, finding them has generally been a chore until I came across a great site named open subtitles a while back. Besides having a large database of subtitles (in various languages), its biggest plus point is, as the title suggests, its openness, transparency and its foundation on "community". Other points of note:

  • is generally ad-free.
  • does not require registration.
  • allows user comments and ratings.
  • allows user uploads
  • comes with handy programs and plug-ins that makes searching for the right subtitle for your movie, a seemingly painless experience.
  • interfaces with iMDb which is quite handy.
  • prefers .srt files to .sub and other crappy formats.
  • has a good and generally user friendly design.

Highly recommended.