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Bourne Legacy, The

Submitted by Druss on Mon, 2012-12-03 20:12

This is a spin-off from the excellent Bourne series with Matt Damon. This one has Jeremy Renner starring as a Bourne-like character albeit in a different project similar to Treadstone and Blackbriar. Thanks to the Bourne exposé, the CIA decides to shut down all other similar projects. This process involves liquidating all "samples" which includes Renner's character, Aaron Cross.

The plot is flimsy. But the action is good. The screenplay is average. But it's got the delectable Rachel Weisz in it. The climax is rubbish with an over-the-top chase scene. The ending is rubbish albeit with an open-ended final scene which hints at a sequel. I won't hold my breath for it though.

Avoid unless you're a fan of the series.