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Submitted by Druss on Thu, 2012-09-13 10:17

Yesterday, I randomly picked up a manga named M×0 as the general premise looked a little interesting: a boy is accidentally enrolled into a magic school and has to pretend that he is an all powerful magician even though he has no talent. But, unfortunately, it fizzled off after the first few chapters and all in all was a waste of my time.

To sum up what's wrong with it, I'd have to say that the mangaka basically did not know where the fsck to take the story which ends up meandering hither and thither and eventually seems to get tired of itself and ends prematurely—albeit, after 99 chapters—probably at the behest of the publisher. Character development is well below par and plot settings such as magical games and exams are about as interesting as watching endless reruns of tortoise mating rituals.

I'd recommend giving this is a miss unless you are desperate to get some of your grey matter fried.