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Safety Not Guaranteed

Submitted by Druss on Fri, 2012-10-19 00:00

An interesting plot that revolves around dysfunction, Safety Not Guaranteed could have been far better than it eventually turned out. The story is about a reporter and two college-going interns who take a trip to a small town to chase up an ad in the classifieds looking for a partner interested in travelling back in time. So far, so good.

They find a weird guy in the town who is the one who put up the ad and, one by one, apply for the position of partner. One of the interns, a girl, is the only one who passes muster and is chosen after a long screening. At this point, however, the plot needlessly trifurcates as we are also treated to two pointless sub-plots involving the other intern and the reporter. It gets dreary for a long while until the end when we find out the only thing we want to know—can the guy travel back in time or not?

The acting was mostly passable. There are also a number of loose ends. But, on the whole, it's an enjoyable movie if you like dysfunctional characters and weird plots. That said, it could have been so much better in the right hands.