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Teeth Of The Tiger

Submitted by Druss on Thu, 2012-09-13 12:00

I've just finished reading Tom Clancy's The Teeth Of The Tiger. The story, set in Ryanverse, involves Jack Ryan's son - Jack Ryan Jr. - and two of his nephews - Dominic and Brian Caruso, who are recruited to be part of an off-the-books outfit (set up by Ryan Sr. when he was president) named "The Campus". The Campus, a financially self-sufficient organisation armed with a 100 presidential pardons and access to all electronic intel, is tasked with countering threats to national security any way they see fit. Here, it is The Campus vs. Islamic terrorists backed by their deep-pocketed Saudi masters.

While the book was on the whole passably entertaining, it is way too Hollywood-sy and generally very clich├ęd to be anything more. As with most of Clancy's other books, the good guy always does cool stuff and wins. He doesn't suffer any real losses and lacks emotional depth. However, while the earlier books in Ryanverse suffered from similar drawbacks, this one suffers from rather large plot holes and asks the reader to take too many leaps of faith.

The ending hints at a sequel where Jack Ryan Sr. will also presumably become involved along with Prince Ali.