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Män som hatar kvinnor / The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Submitted by Druss on Wed, 2012-10-24 13:32

This is the Swedish adaptation of Stieg Larsson's book of the same name. I watched it a couple of years ago when it came out and rated it a 6. However, now that I've read the books, I decided to give it a rewatch. Oddly, I could barely remember much of it. But, I do now know that it's quite a ridiculous adaptation of a good book. There are way too many changes and some of them are drastic. Characters are killed off. The police are involved in matters which were hushed up in the book. The Daniel Craig adaptation appears to be a work far truer to the book than this one.

Girl Who Played with Fire, The

Submitted by Druss on Fri, 2012-10-19 23:06

Book two in the Millennium trilogy explores Lisbeth Salander's past. While not nearly as tight as the first book, it still makes for entertaining reading. However, the background with the villain, "Zala", feels a little too contrived and the plot has a few too many holes in it. But, if you liked the first book, you'll enjoy this one too.

Girl with the dragon tattoo, The

Submitted by Druss on Fri, 2012-10-19 20:57

This book by Stieg Larsson is an entertaining mystery-thriller and something of a coming-of-age story as well. The reader is always rooting for the female protagonist, Lisbeth Salander, who is a reclusive, reticent, abused woman with hidden "superpowers". A good read without any major holes in its plot as long as you suspend a little sense of disbelief in the build-up. The setting in Sweden gives it that extra something as well.

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