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SotD: Karsh Kale - Milan

Today's Song of the Day is something of an eclectic one - a fusion of DnB and Indian music. The artist in question is Karsh Kale and the track is off his sophomore album - Liberation - and is called Milan (Meeting of two rivers).

SotD: Dream Theater: Erotomania

Today's Song of the Day is Dream Theater's Erotomania off one of their earlier albums titled Awake. The album also happens to be one of my favourites not least due to the presence of this track.

SotD: Aerosmith - Boogie Man

The Song of the Day (as if I'm holding to my promise of updating this every day :S) is a rather simple but entrancing instrumental by Aerosmith. It's the last track on their Get a Grip release, titled "Boogie Man". I believe that it's based on a Fleetwood Mac song which I've never heard. But it's got lovely atmosphere and I dig the backing bassline muchly.

SotD: Takahashi Naoya: Heavy metal anthem

Today's Song Of The Day is an instrumental from the OST of the anime Kenichi. I'm not sure of the artist's name, but what a killer riff! I've been listening to it non-stop for the past couple of hours and I'm still not tired of it!

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