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Azureus: LAN peer finder

Submitted by Druss on Sun, 2007-01-28 05:35

Azureus is definitely one of the more popular torrent clients out there, and it just became a lot cooler in my eyes: I finally explored the LAN peering plug-in that it is packaged with. This is way beyond cool and accomplishes the equivalent of link bonding using torrents. So, essentially, consider the following scenario:

  • You have two PCs on your local network.
  • You have two Internet connections (both 1Mbps, for e.g.), one for each PC.
  • You primarily use torrents to download stuff.
  • However, even though you have access to a bandwidth in total of 2Mbps, you can only download at 1Mbps on each computer.
  • The above also means that you cannot leech 1 large torrent at 2Mbps and can only download 2 large torrents at 1 Mbps each. This is not really that cool.. as you want to get something down as quickly as possible.

By setting up Azureus' LAN plug-in:

  • If both your PCs are set up to download the same torrent, they will essentially be peers in the swarm.
  • While normally, peers would be limited to the upload speeds of their Internet connections, your two PCs are also connected via your local network.
  • Therefore, they will start intelligently exchanging data over your LAN (100 .. 1000Mbps), and form what can for our purposes be called a bonded 2Mbps link.
  • Moreover, this will give your ratios nice boost :P although it might not be wise.

and, there you have it ..


Guess it could help download torrent faster, considering you have 2 internet connection available (your's, neighbour's, dog's).

By having set up the 2 computers together in a lan, they will share what they downloaded. You could also tell them to download only like 50% for the first one and about the rest for the second computer, then sync them together with LAN.

I'm looking to try this out, it could be quite suprising to be able to download torrents that fast. big torrents.