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Gmail's account suspension quirk

Submitted by Druss on Fri, 2010-04-16 22:32

Earlier today, I set up a gmail account for an elderly acquaintance of mine. Due to his really forgetful nature, once I created his account, I logged into it and mailed myself the username and password. As soon as I clicked "send" however, I found that I had been logged out of gmail. Trying to log back in proved futile as I was met with a "This account has been suspended" message!

Ergo, it seems that gmail doesn't like people sending username and password pairs via e-mail or something else altogether - I didn't have enough time to test things further. What this might imply is uncertain. Was the account suspended because the e-mail sent was rather short in length? Or was it something more sinister; something along the lines of parsing the e-mail sent and noticing that the username and password were being transmitted? If so, how much parsing and comparing does gmail do with my content?

This might be a little bit of scaremongering ... but wth - I'm bored.