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Linking Adsense account to Google Analytics account

Submitted by Druss on Mon, 2012-05-21 23:40

The new Google Analytics interface is quite nice if often annoying. One of the many issues I have been having with it is linking the Adsense account for one particular domain to its equivalent Analytics account. Most of the help documentation is for the previous version of the Analytics interface and the newer docs are not terribly helpful at all. The latter simply keeps asking me to go to the Admin tab and linking the Adsense account by clicking on it or something trivial like that. When I tried, all that I could see was a page with some generic faeces on it and nary a mention of 'Adsense' anywhere.

Today, I attempted to fix this for the umpteenth time and ran into the same wall. Then in something of an minuscule epiphany, I thought that maybe this was a permission issue with my Analytics user account. When I didn't immediately see any section dedicated to user settings either, I tried the docs again which simply informed me that everything was available via the Admin tab. In a supplementary epiphanic moment, I surmised that perhaps this was because the menu was .. contextual as I certainly was clicking on the tab every time only when I had already chosen one of the profiles.

So, I decided to reset things and clicked on the top-left accounts/profiles menu and then clicked the Accounts List button. Now, when I clicked on the Admin tab on the top right of the page, I arrived at the Account Administration page. Things were certainly looking up! I had only the one account here and clicking on it brought me to a table full of my "properties". Another li'l twister awaited me here as going into the property I wanted to link to Adsense is a dead end. Instead, the correct location was secreted within the Data Sources tab on the same page and within it, an Adsense tab.

Once this tab was reached, things were as simple as clicking the appropriate drop-downs and then checking the required profile boxes.

I hope that this post saves some unnecessary head-to-wall-banging for you!