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The joys of the Eclipse update manager

Submitted by Druss on Thu, 2008-03-06 13:19

The Eclipse update manager has to be the most annoying updater ever fucking written. What a pile of refuse :/

I'm sure that the Eclipse developer community has their own private updater as I am certain no sane man can stand working with it.


  • If I want the update to run in the background, I should also be able to run it in the foreground.
  • If I cancel the update, it should be cancelled immediately. It should not be "cancelling" for the rest of eternity and require a restart of Eclipse to get done.
  • If I can set the updater to automatically select mirrors during the update, I should also be able to turn it off at the same time.
  • Why can't it choose the closest mirror to me? That's kind of the point of using mirrors, you know?
  • There is no option for me to always use the same mirror.
  • Why the fuck is downloading the update list so tedious any way? I'm not having so many problems with getting the actual updates themselves. This is just my quest to even find out what updates I need.
  • Has no one heard of time outs? If nothing is downloaded after 12 hours (in some cases I've not been able to update eclipse even after letting the updater run overnight), TIME THE FUCK OUT!
  • "No features found on the selected site(s). Choose a different site or site category." is the message I receive when I try to find new features for a single project. What the hell does this mean? That all mirrors are not necessarily up-to-date?

I feel better now for some reason.