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Eclipse + Subversion : RA layer request failed + could not read status line errors

Submitted by Druss on Tue, 2007-06-12 20:17

Server: Apache 2.0.52 + SVN 1.4.3 + mod_dav_svn enabled. Most repositories also use a bunch of post commit hooks to automate tasks.
Client: Eclipse 3.2.2 + stock subclipse callisto install.

Error message:

commit -m "commit message." files
RA layer request failed
svn: Commit failed (details follow):
svn: PROPFIND request failed on '/repo/path/!svn/vcc/default'
svn: PROPFIND of '/repo/path/!svn/vcc/default': Could not read status line: connection was closed by server. (

If you get the above error, it is very likely an issue with Subversion. Sometimes, running svn cleanup can help. However, sometimes nothing appears to work. This appears to be an issue caused by version conflicts between the subversion SVN client and the server client. Even creating another checkout doesn't appear to work.

That said, you can still commit any pending changes or continue using the dodgy checkout for a while by using the command line (in Linux) which continues to work, or should, if it is compatible with the SVN server.

Hopefully, Eclipse 3.3 and corresponding updates to Subversion will sort these issues out.

Upon further investigation, it seems that my conclusion that this is related to version differences between client and server appear to be wrong. I tried installing Subversive and ran into the same issue. Subversive specifically states that it is 1.4.x compatible.

I then decided to try something else. I remembered that I'd changed the gateway IP on this box to point to a different ISP. I switched it back to my previous ISP and voila! everything worked once again. Neither connection uses a proxy or anything of that sort and the checkout of another project works fine on both connections on the same server. So I'm still not entirely sure what the fuck is wrong. But, hell, as long as it works, I'm happy. I've also switched to using subversive for the time being as the UI looks a touch better than subclipse.

If anybody can throw some light on this, I will be eternally grateful.


I thought I was alone in the world! Indeed, I have the same f***ing problem, with both Tortoise and the Netbeans Subversion Module. Strange thing is, it happens only with certain files, and eventually, the problem would go away and I would commit, but for a while, it would be useless. If it seems to be the version, then I should test it.

Hi all!
I'm having the same problem, but in my particular case, i have installed Subclipse on JBoss-IDE eclipse distribution. I'm not being able to register the SVN url to start checkin out the projects. The exact error message is:

RA layer request failed
svn: PROPFIND request failed on '/svn/trunk'

Hope we can figured out how to fix this shitty problem.
Regards. :D


For me it worked properly and suddenly it stopped working because of some proxy setting change in the organization. After that got the same error.

I downloaded the latest subversive plugins from, then also it didnt worked.

And I did the following, it worked for me.
While checking out from repositary, in the "Advanced" tab of "Checkout from SVN" dialog box of eclipse in "Proxy Setting" section click "Network Connections". Select the manual proxy and enter the HTTP Proxy Server and port.

Hope this will help.


you can click the cleanup under team

[svn] RA layer request failed

I'm trying to do a SVN import and it's giving me an error.

What I am trying to do is import a directory structure into the repository and then deleting that structure which is on my Hard Disk.

svn username="${user}" password="${pass}"
import path="svn_temp_folder_for_repository_import" url="${svn_address}/spark1.1/Platform" message="New Project created with the directory structure specified in the repository PLATFORM" /
delete dir="svn_temp_folder_for_repository_import"/

If I try it on the PC with XP and on which server is installed it works fine.

But when I try it on any other PC with Vista installed I get the error. I amnot able to figure out what's happening. Is the error in svn or is it a problem with delete on vista as it requires a permission to delete.

Any help will be appreciated?

Had the same problem, switched from JavaHL(JNI) to SVNKit(Pure Java) in MyEclipse and it solved the problem.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks a ton...after changing to SVNKit, it worked for me...I appreciate your help.

Had same problem and above solution solved for me as well

I have the same problem with eclipse and subversion.
SVN cleanup, eclipse restart, ... nothing does help.
So i changed under preferences the SVN Interface from JavaHL to SVNKit.
Synchronize command brings up authentication dialog and after that it works fine.

May it helps in your case.?

Best regards

Thanks a ton for the trick. :)

Looking at my SVN configurations I could only find the JavaHL option, no SVNKit available.

What can I do to get this option available?

Thanks in advance.

there are ways we can install svn plugin into eclipse - either in Eclipse MArketPlace or by Software Update. In the 2nd approach ie using Software Update, you get the option for SVNKit. I had the RA layer request failed error and it work perfect after pointing to SVNKit in Windows->Preferences.
I hope this helps.

Thanks - this really helped!

it worked for me too :)

Permissions problem here too. If you set access for 'everyone' within the cool VisualSVN (nice easy svn server btw) to 'none' at the root level of the tree, even if you gave someone access to the specific repository they're using, "this" happens. Would be nice if the error wasn't so stupid and strange sounding though. Ah well, that's svn for ya I guess - at least it's not irRational ClearCrap! ^_^

THAAAANKS i lose 3 hous of my day because this error, and this page help-me a loot!!!! ok lets go, i read other poust sayng its maybe a insue about authentication. So i use subeclipse but i has tortoise installed and to solve I:
1º Close eclipse
2º go to Tortoise Configuration
3º go to "savd Data" options
4º Clean all options.
5º Open eclipse again.
Its make authenticathion pop up apears again, and i put my user / pass its works at well...
I hope help too.