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A Nodame Cantabile bounty

Submitted by Druss on Fri, 2008-06-06 03:50

What a wonderful week this has been! I've done fuck-all in terms of work because I discovered that there is a bounty of Nodame Cantabile out there to slake my thirst. Firstly, there appears to be a sequel (set in Paris) in the works set for release in October. This led me to the Manga (which I'd thought had ended along with the anime) where I found that there was an entire archive set in Paris for me to read ...

How about if I do this in point form instead of rambling? For those who have just seen the anime, the following might be of interest:

  • The manga continues beyond the anime. The anime ends (if you include the anime credits) at around chapter 53. The mangaka has been releasing new chapters ever since and is currently (in terms of scanlated manga) at chapter 119. That's a whopping 125% more Nodame for us all.
  • The anime has a special episode (based on one of the chapters in the manga) set before the Nina Lutz festival - this has been fansubbed and is available "out there".
  • Besides the above, the manga has (IIRC) at least 3 chapters which are not covered in the anime. One of them goes in some depth into Chikai's relationship with Vieira while the others are barely covered in the anime credits.
  • While you might be aware of the existence of a live action Nodame series (which is pretty decent if rather overexaggerated in general), you might not be aware of the 2 special episodes covering the Paris archive (roughly upto chapter 95 in the manga with lots of stuff left out) with a modified ending to provide some closure. These are also available "out there".

(and if you haven't already watched the anime, do so!)