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"Prime of place"

Submitted by Druss on Fri, 2014-12-05 21:05

I've noticed a few people using the idiomatic phrase "prime of place" to denote the primacy of position in a group of things. For example, "My framed moustache-of-the-year certificate is given prime of place on the wall". While the idiom certainly appears to make sense, fits in quite well, and even sounds familiar, it is not really standard usage.

"Prime of place" is what is known as an eggcorn, "an idiosyncratic substitution of a word or phrase for a word or words that sound similar or identical in the speaker's dialect". The standard phrase is actually "pride of place" and basically has the same meaning. It's easy and amusing to see how the error might have crept in :)

The wiki link also lists a few other eggcorns including "old timers' disease" for "Alzheimer's disease" which cracks me up every time.