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What are the "la la la", "la dee da" bits in a song called?

Submitted by Druss on Thu, 2013-02-28 01:37

I was trying to describe the lyrics of a song today and stumbled when I reached a section with a bunch of "la la la" bits. I suppose I could have well just termed them as la-la-la bits, but seeing as to how I apparently have all the time in the world (not my words), I decided to see if there was something a bit more definitive that I could use. A wittle googling later, I chanced upon the answer.

They are called non-lexical vocables and, besides "la la la" and "la dee da", include a range of other variants. Jazzy scat singing, beatboxing, A capella, and presumably stuff that you can hear in rhymes and fairy tales (fee fi fo fum?) all fall under this rubric.

So does this.