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Take control of your Firefox! Force tab usage and disable _blank and browser resizing

Submitted by Druss on Wed, 2008-01-02 00:07

(What an attention seeking title :S)

I find it highly annoying when Firefox allows certain pop-ups to open when I click on form elements such as textfields etc. I also find it highly annoying when it allows windows to resize the browser - nothing like clicking a link and the next second finding the browser in a minuscule rectangle on the top left of your screen. While I'm at it, I also dislike websites using the "_blank" attribute to force a link to load in a new window.

The following are the steps to rectify this:

  • Open Firefox and in the address bar, type about:config and press enter. This resulting screen is where all the internal configuration settings can be tweaked to your liking.
  • In the Filter textfield, type window and press enter.
  • Double-clicking on an option will allow you to change its value. Perform the following changes:
    • To force _blank links to open in the same tab, set to 1.
    • To force all JS triggered windows (that evade the pop-up blocker) to open in tabs, set to 0.
    • To disable JS resizing of windows, set dom.disable_window_move_resize to false. Incidentally, this can also be done via Tools, Options, Content tab, Advanced.

I'm fairly certain that doing all of the above lengthens the average human lifespan by about 7.3 hours :|

You can read more about all the settings in about:config at the Mozzilazine knowledge base.