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Vim/Gvim and missing line numbers in the interface

Submitted by Druss on Sat, 2011-09-24 00:32

I'm not sure whether it was something I did, something that the Vim developers did, or an anomaly with the Windows 7 binary, but I could no longer see the line number and cursor position tracker in the bottom right of my interface. Looking at the menus, I could find nothing. I could turn on a line number prefix for each bleeding line, but this is not what I was after.

After a little digging I found out that this tracker is known as a ruler. Why, you ask. Dunno, I answer. But nevertheless, once I unearthed this li'l fact, I could find the command to switch it back on:
set ruler

If this tracker needs to be turned on by default, add it to the vimrc file. More information on that is here.

Hope this helps :)