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Zoom player is the Shiznit! Props to the CCCP

Submitted by Druss on Fri, 2007-04-06 14:58

Except for listening to music (for which I still rely on WinAMP), I used to rely wholly on the VLC player for all my media playback needs. I am a big fan of its versatility, cross-platform availability and general ability to play just about anything. However, this is no longer completely true.

This post is a public announcement of my being smitten with the Zoom player. While it is unfortunately proprietary, its ability to play broken files and files which have missing bits and pieces (read: incomplete torrent downloads) is absolutely fantastic. Moreover, I find that it plays MKV and OGM files a lot more smoothly than the VLC player. It has a pretty intuitive interface as well, although its keyboard short cuts are a bit dodgy. But in terms of its playback, it fucking rocks!

I came across the Zoom player when I, out of curiosity, downloaded and installed the CCCP pack. This is regularly recommended in all Anime fora, but I'd never installed it as VLC was taking care of me reasonably well. How wrong I was.

Incidentally, I am not sure as to whether the Zoom player works as well as it does because of the CCCP or just by itself. Either way, I am going to be keeping an eye out and ensure that I keep my CCCP installation up to date and consequently, my anime-watching-experience smooth.