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Episodes to avoid in the Star Trek franchise

Over the last few months, I have run through the entire list of episodes for Star Treks TNG, DS9 and Voyager. As you can imagine, not all episodes are very good and some are downright insipid. The following are the rules of thumb that I have arrived at when deciding whether to skip an episode:

Luckily I speak Leet

This is the funniest thing I've seen in a while.

Poirot's appointment with death

I have been assiduously following the TV series "Agatha Christie's Poirot for many many years, and, largely speaking, have been a fan of both David Suchet and the adaption to television in general. While, it has been at least a decade since I read my last Poirot novel, I can probably claim with some degree of accuracy to have read all of Poirot's cases.

Personal TV Tracker

Personal episode tracker for a few series that I'm watching now :)

  • M*A*S*H [WP]
    • S01: 01 - 09
    • S02: 01 - 24 [Complete]
  • Whose line is it anyway? [UK] [WP]
    • S01:
    • S02:
    • S03:
    • S04:
    • S05:
    • S06:10, 11
    • S07:
    • S08:
    • S09: 04

FM transmitter? Got it. How about a TV transmitter?

Everybody geeky is quite likely to have already heard of FM transmitters like this one that lets you broadcast any audio output stream on an FM frequency and tune into it with a radio. I'm a big fan of this gadget and have about 3 around for various uses.

That said, does anybody know of an equivalent video option that will let me tune into a video broadcast via the telly? That would rock! Google didn't help me much in my search... I suppose it's a question of terminology too.

Live TV? P2PTV? Peercasting? Streaming video? Lifecasting?

Anyone else notice the rising popularity of live video / TV sites and applications all over the place? In the last year or so, what was just a niche service / application has exploded into the mainstream and I won't be surprised if established sites such as YouTube also manoeuvre to get a piece of this pie.

Presently available offerings can be segregated into two categories:

    Nodame Cantabile Special BEST! - track listing in english

    For those of you out there, who like me have a copy of the Nodame Cantabile Special Best! OST and can't make sense of all the Japanese titles and tags, here's a translated version retrieved from a variety of sources (fugly HTML and all):

    A Nodame Cantabile bounty

    What a wonderful week this has been! I've done fuck-all in terms of work because I discovered that there is a bounty of Nodame Cantabile out there to slake my thirst. Firstly, there appears to be a sequel (set in Paris) in the works set for release in October. This led me to the Manga (which I'd thought had ended along with the anime) where I found that there was an entire archive set in Paris for me to read ...

    QI - Quite Interesting with Stephen Fry

    Here's a little sample for those of you who aren't familiar with QI - a BBC show - which is like a no-holds-barred trivia show with comedians (and comediennes I suppose).

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Hajime No Ippo - Manga continuation

    After watching the anime, Hajime No Ippo a few months back, I was looking to sate my addiction via the manga which is still continuing (the anime covers only about a third of the entire story thus far). For those of you who, like me, didn't know where the anime (plus the specials) ended with respect to the manga, the following might be of help:

    Volume 33 - chapters 290 and 291 [Hayami vs. Kobashi + Makunouchi meets the doctor Sanada (missing in the anime)]


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