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CAPS LOCK issues when VNCing into Kubuntu and krfb

Submitted by Druss on Mon, 2013-08-05 15:30

I'm trying to VNC into my Kubuntu box using Jump Desktop from my Android tablet. All works well and everything is quite peachy. Everything that is, except for typing with the keyboard. Typing anything results in letters being displayed in capitals. Using the SHIFT key in the Android keyboard does fuck all. However, when I connected a keyboard to the Kubuntu box and pressed the CAPS LOCK key, my Android keyboard started typing in smalls.

So it appears that the program (Jump Desktop/other Android VNC clients, or perhaps krfb) has some issues with caps lock. It obviously won't do to have to connect a physical keyboard to the system every time to rectify this error. However, there is a pretty quick workaround for this.

Once you vnc into Kubuntu, click the Kmenu and use the search to type keyboard. This should bring up a list of keyboard related programs. One of them is kvkbd, a virtual keyboard. Click on this to bring it up. Once it's up, simply press the CAPS LOCK on the virtual keyboard and then close the program. This should be all that's necessary and the VNC keyboard should now work fine.