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Closing all message windows in mIRC

Submitted by Druss on Sun, 2011-04-10 01:31

I was up to no good on mIRC earlier today and found my screen full of message and fserv tabs/windows. While it certainly is fun clicking away at each window and closing it manually, that would only be if I had some sick fascination with RSI. A little digging unearthed a few commands that helped alleviate the process:

  • Simply typing /closemsg will close all message windows.
  • To close just a specific message window, type /closemsg [title] where [title] represents the title of the window (usually just an IRC nick).
  • If it's not just message windows, but also DCC windows that need to be closed, it's best to use the /close command as per the following syntax:
    /close [-icfgms@] [nick1] ... [nickN] 
    Closes all windows of a certain type and nick. If no nick is specified, all windows of the that type will close. Window types are as follows:
    -c for chat
    -f for fserve
    -g for get
    -i for inactive dcc windows
    -m for message (query)
    -s for send
    -@ for custom windows.
  • The asterisk wildcard can also be used to represent all. For example, typing /close -cf * will close all message and DCC chat windows.

Hope this helps :)