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SotD: Jeff Beck - Scatterbrain

Submitted by Druss on Thu, 2009-02-19 23:49

Today's song of the day is off Jeff Beck's 1975 album Blow by Blow. Titled "Scatterbrain", this track is one of my favourite all time tracks.

It starts off with a jazzy drum intro which subsequently builds up into this high speed rhythm into which is merged Beck's intense driving verse riff... a series of pressure-building scales that are just about to take you off into space. The second repeat also sees the keyboards being introduced, playing the same scales.

Following the above, Beck breaks out into a solo. The most interesting aspect of his guitars in this song and also elsewhere in the album, is the tone of his guitar - it's very thick and feels like a wind instrument in places. Beck's solo is followed by a keyboard solo which also includes some really 70's guitar chords with lots of wah which just add to the tapestry of sound, especially considering that we are now also being treated to a piercing string orchestra that adds a touch of grandeur to the enterprise.

The background also features a mixture of keyboard and guitar ... crescendos which just adds to the rather ... cosmic atmosphere. It is just about mind-blowing.

Ah! This track is just begging for a music video with a rocket/shuttle launch or something. I haven't touched this track for about 5 years ... I'm glad I haven't as I doubt I'd be enjoying it again as much as I at this moment. Hooray for the fallible memory of man!