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SotD: Paul McCartney - Wanderlust

Submitted by Druss on Fri, 2011-09-02 01:32

I've always felt that Paul McCartney in his post-Beatles career, never quite lived up to (my) expectations. He certainly had hordes of fans. But Lennon had more and understandably so, seeing as to how his music was more hit than miss. That said, he certainly had his moments and in the song Wanderlust, the moment is quite mesmerising.

SotD: The Seatbelts: LIVE in Baghdad

Submitted by Druss on Wed, 2011-08-03 12:53

Today's Song of the Day is a track from the Cowboy Bebop! OST, off the disc titled No Disc. The song is heavy and yet sounds like a decidedly odd pot-pourri of speed metal, surf, punk and pop all mixed together in a batter of parody. The result is quite hilarious. However, the clincher is the lyrics (attributed to Gabriela Robin) which are included at the end of this post.

SotD: Aerosmith - Boogie Man

Submitted by Druss on Fri, 2010-02-05 01:57

The Song of the Day (as if I'm holding to my promise of updating this every day :S) is a rather simple but entrancing instrumental by Aerosmith. It's the last track on their Get a Grip release, titled "Boogie Man". I believe that it's based on a Fleetwood Mac song which I've never heard. But it's got lovely atmosphere and I dig the backing bassline muchly.

SotD: Jeff Beck - Scatterbrain

Submitted by Druss on Thu, 2009-02-19 23:49

Today's song of the day is off Jeff Beck's 1975 album Blow by Blow. Titled "Scatterbrain", this track is one of my favourite all time tracks.

It starts off with a jazzy drum intro which subsequently builds up into this high speed rhythm into which is merged Beck's intense driving verse riff... a series of pressure-building scales that are just about to take you off into space. The second repeat also sees the keyboards being introduced, playing the same scales.


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