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SotD: Kiss - Unholy

Submitted by Druss on Sun, 2008-09-07 12:59

Today's SotD is by Kiss of their 1992 release, Revenge. The song "Unholy" is, funnily enough, one of the first Kiss songs I ever heard and I still recall it leaving an impression on me of Kiss being a "heavy" band, what with its metal-esque riff, pinch harmonics and what not.

While that notion was soon dispelled once I perused through the rest of the Kiss catalogue, this song remains one of my favourites. It's very late 80s in formula and works well - I recommend that you check it out :)

As an aside, I was surpised to find out that God gave Rock 'n' Roll to you, the most popular song on this album, is actually a rendition of a song by the 70s British band, Argent. It's the second time this week that I've been surprised like this ... :S