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TortoiseSVN: Cleanup failed to process the following paths

Submitted by Druss on Wed, 2010-10-13 21:06

When I attempted to make a commit using TortoiseSVN today, I was told that there was a problem and that I would have to run the cleanup command to sort things out. Running the command, however, resulted in the following further error message:
Cleanup failed to process the following paths:

After a little fiddling, the fix for this is simple. The commit I performed had actually gone through fine and it was just the local copy which was fscked. All I had to do was move the folder containing the recent commit and just update the checkout. This regenerated the folder along with any new files.

I'm not sure what the cause of this issue is. But I suspect that it is more to do with TortoiseSVN rather than the SVN client/library or server itself. The version of TortoiseSVN I'm using at the moment is 1.6.11.

Hope this helps somebody out there :)