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Windows XP : command vs. cmd

Submitted by Druss on Sun, 2007-01-14 02:15

I was asked by some dude online today as to what the difference was between typing command and cmd in the Start -> Run menu. To repeat my answer to him:

  • Typing command runs COMMAND.COM. Typing cmd runs cmd.exe.
  • command is basically the 16-bit command-line interface. It is essentially a legacy application. cmd, on the other hand is the 32-bit CLI, and is comparatively modern and more user friendly.
  • cmd will recognise long filenames, quoted filenames etc. command will not.
  • cmd provides auto-completion (type the first letter and hit TAB repeatedly to provide autocomplete choices). command does not.
  • cmd provides command history support - UP and DOWN arrow keys cycle through previous and subsequent entries in your command history.. command does not.

... and so on.

All in all, do not use command. Always use cmd.