Foolproof method to detect obfuscated requests aka how to download that damn FLV

I'm pretty sure most people are aware of the huge amount of content available on sites like YouTube, Megavideo etc., and of the existence of hangers-on sites such as Keepvid, Clip Nabber etc. as well that let you leech the FLV files directly. Furthermore, I'm also sure that you've noticed many of these leech sites not working more often than not nowadays.

SotD: WINDER - Boku wa koko ni iru

Today's SotD is the OP from Over Drive. For the last couple of days, I had the vocal melody and palm-muted chord section running through my head continuously and it was breaking my head in half. But, a couple of hours ago, I finally nailed its source and here we are!

B Reaction

I just finished reading a manga named B Reaction by mangaka Tsuruta Hirohisa. A rather typical Shounen story with some ecchi stuff blended in, it is something like a cross between Kenichi and Tenjou Tenge and I was hooked for all 18 chapters of it.

SotD: Rage against the machine - Killing in the name

With its distinctive opening, high energy riffs and extremely political lyrics, RATM's Killing in the Name (of) is probably one of the most well known metal songs of the 90s and their albums are seeing a strong resurgence in my playlist considering my general mood nowadays. "Fuck you! I won't do what you tell me" is a sentiment that frequents my clenched brain very often these days and this song suits my demeanour very well during these times.

Opera's suckiness becoming unbearable

I've been something of a fanboy of Opera for a long while now. It's quick-loading, has strong caching and doesn't hog memory like Firefox used to. However, with FF cleaning up house for its 3.x family, by fixing all those memory leaks, improving performance by leaps and bounds and introducing those little features (page zooming for e.g.) that make things ever so friendlier, I'm of a mind to switch back to it.

Speed racer

I just finished watching Speed Racer, an adaptation of the anime and manga, Mach Gogogo / Speed Racer. Directed by the Wachowski brothers, Speed racer is, IMHO, the best live-action adaptation of an anime / cartoon that retains its original flavour and roots.

The synopsis of the anime is as follows:

Flac decoding: FLAC__STREAM_DECODER_ERROR_STATUS_LOST_SYNC / ERROR, MD5 signature mismatch

I use SoundKonverter to accomplish all my ripping and trans-coding tasks. It's something of a front-end for all the command-line apps and is a serious time saver.

Live TV? P2PTV? Peercasting? Streaming video? Lifecasting?

Anyone else notice the rising popularity of live video / TV sites and applications all over the place? In the last year or so, what was just a niche service / application has exploded into the mainstream and I won't be surprised if established sites such as YouTube also manoeuvre to get a piece of this pie.

Presently available offerings can be segregated into two categories:

    SotD: Def Leppard - Bringin' on the Heartbreak

    The Song of Today is Def Leppard's Bringin' on the Heartbreak off their sophomore release High 'n' Dry. The song was the first hit rock ballad for the band and probably was fit the blueprint for rock ballads of the time - high octave vocals, melodious chorus, harmonies and piercing guitars, a format of which I'm an inveterate admirer / sucker.

    RMVB quality surprisingly good

    While I hate Real as much as just about everybody else, I inadvertently downloaded an RMVB file today and was pleasantly surprised at the quality vs. file size ratio. At about 70MB for a 25 minute episode, the quality was - relatively speaking - extremely good.

    To quote WP:


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