SotD: Guns n' Roses - Better

Today's Song of the Day is off the latest (better late than never) album by The Gunners - Chinese Democracy. I'm still listening to the album. But, in my first few listens, the song that has grabbed the attention of these ears of mine has been one the first singles off the album, titled Better.

Personal TV Tracker

Personal episode tracker for a few series that I'm watching now :)

  • M*A*S*H [WP]
    • S01: 01 - 09
    • S02: 01 - 24 [Complete]
  • Whose line is it anyway? [UK] [WP]
    • S01:
    • S02:
    • S03:
    • S04:
    • S05:
    • S06:10, 11
    • S07:
    • S08:
    • S09: 04

Konqueror, sFTP and FiSH

I just found out yesterday that Konqueror natively supports sFTP and another protocol which I wasn't aware of named FiSH. To use either, just enter s or fish:// as necessary in the Konqueror URL bar to create a connection. My fledgling experience with FiSH seems to indicate that it's considerably faster than sFTP.

McColo aftermath = huge drop in my gmail spam

My gmail account is also the catchall address for a couple of domains and usually clocks about 2000 - 3000 spam every day. In the aftermath of the McColo shutdown, this number is down to about 150 - 200.

Even if this is a temporary respite, it is still quite heartwarming.

SpamCop's statistical graphs are also a great indicator of spam frequency.

KDEInit could not launch '/usr/bin/ktorrent'

If you've run into the error message KDEInit could not launch '/usr/bin/ktorrent' on KDE 4, you are not alone. It appears that this is a KDE Bug that should be resolved in a bug-fix update in the near future. This also apparently affects other applications besides KTorrent.

In my case, when I clicked on a torrent file, the error message cropped up, but the file itself was open fine ...

KDE 4.1: Maximise application windows

In KDE 4.1, whenever you open a window, it invariably is never opened in a maximised state - something that annoys the crap out of me. While it's something of a chore, the following is how you can sort this out:

  1. Open the application and right click on its title bar.
  2. Select the advanced menu and move down to click special application settings.
  3. In the ensuing pop-up, click on the geometry tab and tick both maximised horizontally and maximised vertically.

Intrepid upgrade: wxvlc broken

If you, like moi, just upgraded to Intrepid Ibex, and found that your VLC doesn't work any more, this here is the fix:

  • Right click on an audio/video file and select properties.
  • Click the edit icon (spanner) to get to the options page.
  • Select VLC media player in the application list and click the edit button on the right.
  • Select the application tab on the top and look for the command wxvlc on this page.
  • Change wxvlc to just vlc. Click OK a few times to save the changes.

... and that's it.

Hope this helps :)

How to make money with free software

An excellent story on How to make money with free software has been doing the rounds today, and deservedly so. While I won't spoil the surprise for you here, I must say that I like the back better than the front :)

Exclamatory question marks / Introducing the interrobang

While trying to explain the use of the "exclamatory question mark", i.e., the "?!" used at the end of some sentences, I was a little nonplussed when asked if it was really named something so ... verbose. As far as I remember, I've been calling them exclamatory question marks. But it certainly is a mouthful, isn't it?! (sic)

Skype upgrade: P2P connect failed

If you are using Skype on Linux and run into the error message "P2P connect failed" while trying to sign in, then your configuration file is very likely corrupt. The fix is to just delete the .Skype directory from your home directory and restart Skype. If you have anything worth saving inside this directory, you can simply rename it instead or alternatively, back it up elsewhere prior to deletion.

The version of Skype on my system is and it was installed (and upgraded) from the Medibuntu repository. I'm pretty certain that the previous version was working fine.


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