Are we subconsciously relegating and delegating stuff to search engines

Earlier today, when I forgot the term mind map and later when I forgot Spinoza's name, I wondered if this was something I was doing subconsciously or if a few more of my brain cells are dying away as I get older.

FM transmitter? Got it. How about a TV transmitter?

Everybody geeky is quite likely to have already heard of FM transmitters like this one that lets you broadcast any audio output stream on an FM frequency and tune into it with a radio. I'm a big fan of this gadget and have about 3 around for various uses.

That said, does anybody know of an equivalent video option that will let me tune into a video broadcast via the telly? That would rock! Google didn't help me much in my search... I suppose it's a question of terminology too.

CHM files: Page cannot be displayed

I'm not sure if this was related to my recent install of XP SP3 (I haven't done anything else of note recently...), but I found out today that I was unable to view CHM files on my system. Most of my manuals are stored in CHM format, so, this was something of a pain. While the file itself opened fine, and the content list pane was accessible, the content pane was not; I instead was greeted with a "The page cannot be displayed" error message.

An islamic democracy?

I came across this term in a conversation today and barely held back a guffaw. An islamic democracy is rather self contradictory, an oxymoron etc., no?

Metallica - Death Magnetic

I've been listening to Metallica's latest release, Death Magnetic. With everybody touting it as a release to their 80s form, here is a track by track review of the album.

  1. That was just your life: A thrashy beginning that wouldn't be out of place on Kill 'em all.

New fad: MP3 search sites

The latest fad going around is the host of MP3 search sites that are cropping up all over the place. Most of these are built off Google searches and can be hit-or-miss. But they're pretty useful for finding that rare track you always wanted, but couldn't find ...

Batman vs. Hulk vs. Iron man vs. Hellboy vs. WALL-E

Over the last couple of weeks, I've managed to catch up with all the superhero movies that came out this summer.

  • Hellboy 2: The worst of the lot; Insipid hollywood-ized version with poor direction, bad editing and a lacklustre story. Stay away from it.

SotD: Kiss - Unholy

Today's SotD is by Kiss of their 1992 release, Revenge. The song "Unholy" is, funnily enough, one of the first Kiss songs I ever heard and I still recall it leaving an impression on me of Kiss being a "heavy" band, what with its metal-esque riff, pinch harmonics and what not.

New Grappler Baki

Grappler Baki is generally touted to be one of the most violent animes / mangas around. While the anime (especially the Saidai Tournament Hen) was below par, I was hoping that the manga would be (as is usually is) a touch better. And it is just a touch better, no more.

Compilations albums and live/demo tracks

Nowadays, if you are curious about a band (or in some cases, not die-hard enough to want their entire discography) and are looking for an introductory or a best-of compilation to wraps your ears around, something or the other will always piss you off. The recording industry in their insatiable greed indulge in marketing gimmickery and cheap ploys to boost sales in any way possible and it is annoying to say the least.


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