Music and its magic

The joy of discovering a great new song
The feeling of sadness and emptiness when the song becomes stale
The joy of rediscovering the magic of the same song a few years later

Music (and our brains) is certainly magical.


SotD: Prokofiev - Romeo and Juliet: Dance Of The Knights

Today's and yesterday's song of my day has been Prokofiev's Dance of the Knights (also known as "Montagues and Capulets" in his orchestral suites) from the ballet Romeo and Juliet. I've always been at a loss for words to adquately describe this piece.

File renamer: Métamorphose

For those of you out there who have been hankering for a decent free, open-source file renaming utility, I highly recommend that you give Métamorphose a shot. I've been using the v2 beta in XP and it's been excellent. It's written in Python and is also available for Linux, BSD and Macs.

There are a few minor UI bugs though, but I'm sure that they'll be sorted out in due course.

Hooray for FOSS!

Poirot's appointment with death

I have been assiduously following the TV series "Agatha Christie's Poirot for many many years, and, largely speaking, have been a fan of both David Suchet and the adaption to television in general. While, it has been at least a decade since I read my last Poirot novel, I can probably claim with some degree of accuracy to have read all of Poirot's cases.

SotD: Guns n' Roses - Better

Today's Song of the Day is off the latest (better late than never) album by The Gunners - Chinese Democracy. I'm still listening to the album. But, in my first few listens, the song that has grabbed the attention of these ears of mine has been one the first singles off the album, titled Better.

Personal TV Tracker

Personal episode tracker for a few series that I'm watching now :)

  • M*A*S*H [WP]
    • S01: 01 - 09
    • S02: 01 - 24 [Complete]
  • Whose line is it anyway? [UK] [WP]
    • S01:
    • S02:
    • S03:
    • S04:
    • S05:
    • S06:10, 11
    • S07:
    • S08:
    • S09: 04

Konqueror, sFTP and FiSH

I just found out yesterday that Konqueror natively supports sFTP and another protocol which I wasn't aware of named FiSH. To use either, just enter s or fish:// as necessary in the Konqueror URL bar to create a connection. My fledgling experience with FiSH seems to indicate that it's considerably faster than sFTP.

McColo aftermath = huge drop in my gmail spam

My gmail account is also the catchall address for a couple of domains and usually clocks about 2000 - 3000 spam every day. In the aftermath of the McColo shutdown, this number is down to about 150 - 200.

Even if this is a temporary respite, it is still quite heartwarming.

SpamCop's statistical graphs are also a great indicator of spam frequency.

KDEInit could not launch '/usr/bin/ktorrent'

If you've run into the error message KDEInit could not launch '/usr/bin/ktorrent' on KDE 4, you are not alone. It appears that this is a KDE Bug that should be resolved in a bug-fix update in the near future. This also apparently affects other applications besides KTorrent.

In my case, when I clicked on a torrent file, the error message cropped up, but the file itself was open fine ...

KDE 4.1: Maximise application windows

In KDE 4.1, whenever you open a window, it invariably is never opened in a maximised state - something that annoys the crap out of me. While it's something of a chore, the following is how you can sort this out:

  1. Open the application and right click on its title bar.
  2. Select the advanced menu and move down to click special application settings.
  3. In the ensuing pop-up, click on the geometry tab and tick both maximised horizontally and maximised vertically.


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