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The Best James Bond Flicks

Submitted by Druss on Fri, 2012-04-27 03:19

I have long had a rather illogical (considering my general taste) fondness for Bond flicks. The following is an attempt to rank them according to my preference:

From Russia with Love [1963, SC]

The second Bond movie and the quintessential Terence Young flick, From Russia with love is one of the few realistic movies in this series that does not require the viewer to suspend disbelief for the majority of 2 hours. Relatively strong acting, believable settings and realistic (-ish) fight scenes coupled with a script that could well have been written by Messrs. Forsyth and Le Carré, make for compelling viewing. The highlight for me was the entire train sequence especially the interplay between Bond, the defecting honeypot and the assassin (played by Robert Shaw who is quite magnificent).

Goldfinger [1964, SC]

Ah! Who hasn't heard of Goldfinger?! Another Connery classic with a chrysophilistic megalomaniacal villain aided by an exotic sidekick and a reluctant seductress questing for world domination by way of a dastardly plan! Nobody can say no to such a plot!

My personal highlight from this movie has to be the introduction of Auric Goldfinger where he is shown cheating at cards. The "Oddjob" scenes are also particularly memorable, especially those that involve decapitation in one form or another :)

Licence to Kill [1989, TD]

IMO, while not exactly a classic this is the most underrated Bond film. Timothy Dalton portrays a darker Bond to good effect and is aided by a decent script. There are not nearly as many fancy gadgets and effects as one expects. Nonetheless, the movie makes for entertaining viewing.

Golden Eye

Pierce Brosnan's first time as Bond was an exhilarating blend of class, charisma, gadgets and special effects (for 1995). The opening scene where Brosnan "boards" his plane was enough to convince me that the movie was going to be excellent. The other highlight is when Bond takes in the sights of Moscow central ... in a tank. The script is not without its flaws and there is also some extra-cheesy dialogue delivery to put up with.

On Her Majesty's Secret Service [1969, GL]

George Lazenby is a much maligned Bond. He plays the role quite effectively and in many ways retains the suaveness imbued into the character by his predecessor. The script is suitably sinister and apocalyptic, the settings exotic and the action suitably electric.

Live And Let Die [1973, RM]

I love this movie solely for the extended boat chase involving Sheriff J.W. Pepper (in his patrol car), Bond (in a speedboat), and the evil villains (in speedboats aplenty) through the marshes of Louisiana. The lovely Jane Seymour and the title track are the other attractions that this film offers.

Dr. No [1962, SC]
Thunderball [1965, SC]
Casino Royale [2006, DC]
You Only Live Twice [1967, SC]
The Living Daylights [1987, TD]
For Your Eyes Only [1981, RM]
The Man With The Golden Gun [1974, RM]
The Spy Who Loved Me [1977, RM]
Quantum of Solace [2008, DC]
The World Is Not Enough [1999, PB]
Tomorrow Never Dies [1997, PB]
A View To A Kill [1985, RM]
Moonraker [1979, RM]
Die Another Day [2002, PB]
Diamonds Are Forever [1971, SC]
Octopussy[1983, RM]
Never Say Never Again [1983, SC]