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1155 instmsi30.exe not found

Submitted by Druss on Fri, 2007-07-27 23:29

If you ever run into an error along the lines of 1155 instmsi30.exe not found specifying a directory, usually your CD-ROM drive, you need to update your Windows installer. You can do it officially from Microsoft which requires an annoying Genuine validation check, or you can use the direct link from the M$ site and avoid all the bullshit ;)

The installation requires a restart.


Thanks m8

you are the main man! thanx. ^^

Brother you are a star this worked for me but i dont understand why i never had to this on many times i have formatted before as the machine i needed it for dont go the net so i know its not done it by its self!! any good fix and my LightScribeTemplateLabeler_1.18.5.1 is now up and running thank you

Hi thanks a lot.....Now its working fine..... :)

I am running Windows XP in Virtualbox uner Linux Ubuntu and this solved my problem with getting a Lightscribe CD to work with the software. Cool beans! :-)


thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from 4-5 days i was trying to remove the pitfall but nothing happened...............
really a big thanku ........ur genius.........