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CDisplayEx and full screen views

Submitted by Druss on Wed, 2011-04-13 13:25

I'm a big fan of comics and when on Windows, I tend to use CDisplayEx as my preferred reader of choice for .cbr and .cbz files. When on my desktop, I enjoy reading comics in full screen glory. I like each page fitting the entire width of my screen and scroll down the page, if need be, to reach any hidden panels. This allows me to realise the full impact of the art and makes for comfortable viewing. By default, however, CDisplayEx does not do this and while it is highly configurable, tweaking it to accomplish this is decidedly unintuitive. Ergo, this article ...

Setting up CDisplayEx to display pages with maximum width can be effectuated through the following steps:

  • Right click and select Options.
  • Select Fit portrait.
  • There should be four options here, Under Height, Under Width, Over Height and Over Width respectively. A couple of these might already be selected.
  • De-select any options already selected by clicking on them.
  • Finally, select Under Width. This should be the only option selected.

I have no idea how Under Width makes any sense when I want a full width and variable/scrollable height. But there we are. I guess if I twist my neck and squint my left eye, I can vaguely see what the developer is trying to convey. But I'd rather just remember to follow this guide the next time around.


Maybe you've since figured this out, but I was wondering how it worked myself.

I think it works like so:

Fit portrait applies when the image is portrait-shaped, greater height than width.
Fit landscape applies when the image is landscape-shaped, greater width than height.

It then fits either the vertical or horizontal to the available screen area based on whether the image's natural size is over or under the size of the area.

Fit portrait-under width: if the image is bigger than your screen, it widens it to fit (you'll need to scroll up and down)
Fit portrait-over height: if the image is taller than your screen, it shrinks it to fit
Fit landscape-over width: if the image is wider than your screen, it shrinks it to fit

If the options conflict they must default to a particular order.

It would be nice if the program had even the most rudimentary of help websites :P

Thank you. That helped me understand what's going on!