You are here - online scrabble and more

Submitted by Druss on Fri, 2007-08-24 12:28

A friend put me onto a few days ago. The concept is not unlike other turn-based on-line games available around the Internet. However, while other sites (that I am aware of) concentrate pretty much on one game, here, there is a whole host of games available for you to waste your time on, and you aren't restricted to just one game at a time. So, you can be playing 5 scrabble (known as Jamble for trademark reasons I suppose) games, 5 backgammon, 5 ... etc. all simultaneously.

Non-members are restricted to 15 moves per day and a maximum of 20 simultaneous games. This works out quite well as it ensures that you don't get completely addicted to it and become a page refresh maniac :S

The site itself is a little tacky and dated. However, this might very well be intentional as it is quite usable once you get used to it.

My apologies if I've introduced you to a new avenue to avoid work :P