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Kubuntu Linux: Increasing volume of audio via HDMI headphone jack

Submitted by Druss on Fri, 2017-02-03 20:56

So, I've started plugging my headphone into my monitor's headphone jack rather than the analog audio ports in my CPU and there's been a drastic reduction in the volume levels. The volume is often insufficient even when everything in my volume settings is maxed out. Here are a couple of things to try out in KDE/Kubuntu/Linux that might help alleviate the situation.

  1. In a terminal, run alsamixer. In the ensuing interface, you might need to press F6 and go through each of the sound card options until you see a graphical equalizer much like the one you see when you click the sound option in your system tray. Max everything out here using your arrow keys.
  2. If that doesn't solve you problem, run pavucontrol (or Pulse Audio Volume Control in K Menu). Look through the tabs and in particular, the Output Devices tab. In my case, I could see a port specific volume control here and maxing it fixed my problem.

The volume is still not as loud as it was via the audio jacks I was using earlier. But it's much better now.

Hope this helps :)