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Megadeth: Gears of War

Submitted by Druss on Sat, 2006-11-25 04:01

I just finished listening to the Gears of War demo that's available on, and what a fucking disappointment it has been :/ I hope that it sounds so lame, weak and poppy due to it being the title track of the console game of the same name :| Or maybe the demo doesn't represent the final cut.. One can only hope.

The lyrics sound like they were written by Justis or Electra Mustaine (his kids) :S An excerpt (the chorus):

Smart bombs, precision guided armament
A more sophisticated way to end up dead
Still we search and invent such intelligent weapons
That kill each other like the Gears of War

Hoo-rah?! *weep*

With all the delays, the "this is a REALLY heavy album" hype and general over expectation, I trust "Gears of War" is not a taste of things to come. The quality of the song is especially disturbing when you take into account that "Washington's next", which is another track off their upcoming "United Abominations" (*puke*) album, didn't sound terribly breathtaking from what little I could discern from the plethora of scratchy bootlegs that have been posted.

This is also the first original work I've heard from the new guitarist - Glen Drover, and thus far, it's been *yawn* boring. :(

Oh well, I guess I'm going to lower my expectations and maybe I'll be surprised come January.