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Song of the Day - Megadeth - Amerikhastan

Submitted by Druss on Fri, 2007-05-04 21:38

The song of the day is Megadeth's Amerikhastan, from their new album United Abominations which has been leaked on the Internet, weeks prior to official release. The album is on the whole rather disappointing, but there are a few highlights and Amerikhastan is one of them.

The song is basically Dave spouting some of his political ideologies and advocating witty solutions to fix the vurld over some quality vintage riffage. Add in some (unfortunately as yet unimpressive) solos, a catchy chorus and it gets you hooked. The lyrics are good, especially:

No rules of engagement - this enemy hides amongst women and children.
And to beat the violence, you must ignore the focus groups.
You must send in the Mossad, turn off the BBC, CNN and don't look back
Rest assured, there will be no more middle-east crisis.. Hell! there'll be no more middle-east!

These are your people Lady Liberty
Pull up your dress today and tattooed there is "Property of the USA, a subsidiary of Halliburton"

Good stuff I say :D