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SotD: Megadeth - I'll be there

Submitted by Druss on Fri, 2008-10-03 00:01

Most deth fans look at Megadeth's last album with Marty - Risk - with distaste. However, with the exception of a couple of tracks, I quite like it, even if it isn't vintage Megadeth.

One of my favourite tracks off the album and one which is usually shunned by the metal hoi oligoi is "I'll be there", a very beaty number with a catchy chorus and surprisingly decent vocals from Mustaine. While he's always had a great tone and tons of expression in his vocals, Risk was probably the first album where he exhibited an impressive range to his vocals without compromising too much on his trademark snarl. This is usually attributed to a voice coach and a lot of layering and subtle harmonies. But, regardless, I enjoyed the effort.

This song (and album) will very likely serve as a gentle introduction for neophytes into the genre of metal, even you would be bending over sideways if not backwards to categorise Risk under it ;)