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SotD: Dream Theater: Erotomania

Submitted by Druss on Sat, 2010-04-24 00:45

Today's Song of the Day is Dream Theater's Erotomania off one of their earlier albums titled Awake. The album also happens to be one of my favourites not least due to the presence of this track.

Erotomania is an instrumental track with a driving riff. It's part of a medley of three songs and seamlessly intermingles excerpts from the other two tracks within its structure. The highlight, at least for me, of this song is its solo which is one of my favourite solos of all time - a minute long dalliance with excellence that makes one wax poetic about it as should be self-evident.

I'd venture to say that this was the track that yanked me by the scruff of my neck into the pool of progressive perfection which is DT. Sometimes, I wish I could go through the whole experience once again.