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SotD - Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds with Kylie Minogue

Submitted by Druss on Fri, 2007-05-18 14:01

Considering my general taste in music, people find it surprising when they find me talking about Kylie Minogue et al. All I can say is that music is music. I don't particularly give a fuck about which genre an artist is in or if it is socially acceptable for a metal/whatever fan to listen to pop, dance etc.

Anyway, today's song of the day is Where The Wild Roses Grow - an eerie song about a murderer courting and subsequently killing his victim. Similar to one of her other popular songs - Confide In Me, Where The Wild Roses Grow also features her slightly haunting vocals intertwined with weeping violins which make all the difference. While Confide In Me is generally more upbeat, and I suppose .. seductive, this is more of a melancholic narrative with a western feel, thanks to the acoustic guitars and the occasional church bell providing an excellent atmosphere.

Good stuff.