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SotD: Paul McCartney - Wanderlust

Submitted by Druss on Fri, 2011-09-02 01:32

I've always felt that Paul McCartney in his post-Beatles career, never quite lived up to (my) expectations. He certainly had hordes of fans. But Lennon had more and understandably so, seeing as to how his music was more hit than miss. That said, he certainly had his moments and in the song Wanderlust, the moment is quite mesmerising.

The song first appeared on the album Tug of War. But my familiarity with it stems from its presence in the movie Give my regards to Broadstreet. While the movie is rubbish and was a failure, it has a good soundtrack. In the film, the song is played as the finale of a three song medley along with Yesterday and Here, There and Everywhere, as seen in the video below.

What I found enthralling in the song is the melody which, for the majority of the track, is delivered using McCartney's upper registers. What's more, the vocals are complemented initially by the piano and later by horns and trombone. The lyrics while nothing special evoke images of flying & adventure. At least, they did when I first listened to this track as a kid :)