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Submitted by Druss on Sun, 2013-05-05 12:06

A slight more elaborate yet typical Statham flick. Quite enjoyable as an excuse for shovelling pop corn into mouths. Even Jennifer Lopez's character (and her acting) was a good addition to the mix and the plot tiptoes its way around some of the more clichéd elements that keeps things interesting.

Tai-Chi Master

Submitted by Druss on Thu, 2013-05-02 22:48

A Jet Li action-comedy that's worth watching for what else, but the martial arts. The plot could have been interesting. Bad script, direction, and acting ruined what could have been a really good film. Still, the fight scenes are what everybody wants to watch.

Superman Unbound

Submitted by Druss on Mon, 2013-04-29 15:13

Rather substandard animation, but nevertheless entertaining. Supergirl was more interesting than Superman and Brainiac was a rather dull cardboard cut-out.

Watch once if you are a fan of the character.

Broken City

Submitted by Druss on Thu, 2013-04-25 14:08

Bits of interesting-ness and good acting in a muddled plot with bits of bad acting. Mark Wahlberg is as ... Noo Yawk as ever. Catherine Zeta Jones ought to retire.

Jack Reacher

Submitted by Druss on Tue, 2013-04-23 15:02

Dull, insipid nonsense albeit a little better than the books. But I guess it'd make a good popcorn flick. A bit of a new low for Tom Cruise.

L'homme qui plantait des arbres / Man who planted trees, The

Submitted by Druss on Thu, 2013-04-11 22:42

A 30-minute animated short, <em>The man who planted trees</em> is a powerful story delivered simply, but effectively. Even if fictitious, it is quite an inspirational and heart-warming tale.

Well worth watching even if the animation might seem underwhelming. The narration by Christopher Plummer (in the English dub) is also a plus.

Upside Down

Submitted by Druss on Thu, 2013-04-11 20:10

A visually fascinating setting gives this clichéd story a fresh feel. However, the plot just becomes silly, the direction is borderline poor, and the acting below par. This Jim Sturgess fellow (hero) should hang his boots and switch to lumberjacking or similar where he might find better use for his skills as a tree. Kirsten Dunst does what she does best—shows off her pretty dimple and delivers another upside down kiss. She's pretty cardboard-y otherwise.

Win Win

Submitted by Druss on Tue, 2013-04-09 20:59

A decent watch starring Paul Giamatti but worth watching mainly for the Greco-Roman wrestler, Alex Shaffer who steals the show. The plot is interesting enough and holds together for 3/4 of the movie. However, the remaining 1/4 is pretty poor acting-wise, direction-wise and plot-wise.

Still worth a watch though.


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