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What is a female guru called?

Submitted by Druss on Thu, 2013-05-16 11:28

According to a handy Sanskrit dictionary from the library, the female equivalent of a guru (गुरु) is a gurvi (गुर्वी). This is confirmed to an extent in a couple of places. It is also interesting to note that guru literally means grave or weighty and is cognate with the English word grave.


Guru means one who removes darkness. It does not mean literally GRAVE and hence is is NOT cognate with the English word GRAVE.

Prabhat, you can have a look at its etymology in the OED. Their Proto-Indo-European root is *gwere- meaning heavy or weighty.

You can also look at the various meanings for "guru" in the Sanskrit dictionary.

The slang for heavy is (in-depth) and groovy is slang for "cool" which has weight and significance. So I'll use the phrase "groovy guru"!

Thank you for clearing that up P. Gupta. I knew that guru did not mean grave because it doesn't make any sense.

Actually, Guru may mean grave.

For, Gurutva( गुरुत्व)( Adjective) means gravity/ greatness.

So by inference, guru( गुरु), the noun, may as well mean the person who possess these qualities. 'Someone who possess gravity or greatness' in plain English is grave/great.