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SotD: Guns n' Roses - Better

Submitted by Druss on Thu, 2008-11-20 18:52

Today's Song of the Day is off the latest (better late than never) album by The Gunners - Chinese Democracy. I'm still listening to the album. But, in my first few listens, the song that has grabbed the attention of these ears of mine has been one the first singles off the album, titled Better.

While I can't say that I like the entire song yet, I can say that the rhythm and vocals in the verse currently blow my mind. It's pure Gunners reminiscent of Rocket Queen. Lots of groove, simple drums and Axl crooning harmoniously a couple of octaves above the guitars = recipe for success.

The lead guitars were a mix of interesting and annoying. I found the hysterical sweeps rather distracting bordering on the annoying while the couple of solos were quite melodious and interesting. But, it's definitely the groove that keeps this song going.