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SotD: WINDER - Boku wa koko ni iru

Submitted by Druss on Fri, 2008-08-22 22:04

Today's SotD is the OP from Over Drive. For the last couple of days, I had the vocal melody and palm-muted chord section running through my head continuously and it was breaking my head in half. But, a couple of hours ago, I finally nailed its source and here we are!

This track can only be described as "high energy" and considering the subject matter of the anime, it is a perfect fit. Fast paced, driving, heavy chords, catchy melody and harmonies in all the right places makes it a winner, but, the highlight for me is how well the voices of the two vocalists - a chick and a dude - complement each other. Both of them have just about the right range and whatever has been done to the girl's voice comes off well.

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