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SotD: Karsh Kale - Milan

Submitted by Druss on Fri, 2010-08-06 23:02

Today's Song of the Day is something of an eclectic one - a fusion of DnB and Indian music. The artist in question is Karsh Kale and the track is off his sophomore album - Liberation - and is called Milan (Meeting of two rivers).

The track begins off sedately and progressively gets stronger and stronger. The artist's trademark is his extensive (playing and) use of the Tabla in his music and it creates a lovely non-loopy atmosphere for the entire piece. The flute adds an airy Indian touch to the music and is eventually accompanied by synths, strings and some short vocal phrases.

While this piece does not contain any vocals with lyrical content, a number of Kale's compositions do ... and I must say that I find them really annoying. Music like this should be enjoyed without any "message" or "story" involved and should just blend into your ears.

Here's the track from YT: